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This page contains original comments I received during my e-mail correspondence with the users of my AVR, PIC, PIC16, PIC18, PIC10, Z80 and 8085 Simulator IDE applications.

OshonSoft 10th Anniversary Comments Page

Just wanted to say a couple of things that I really like about your compilers. First, the code is really compact - 15-20% of what Arduino generates for the same task. Second, the fact that I can print out the assemble listing with the BASiC source code blocked in that makes it so easy to follow. Can't imagine any PIC hobbyist being without your products. Mr. Glen Deas

Last weekend I bought the license sets for the basic compilers and simulator software packages. They are a wonderfull help to get around with programming, it's the software I was searching for years now... Mr. Danny Van Landeghem

I downloaded your free trial PIC Simulator IDE last night to try it out. For the first test I wrote a very short I/O program in Basic and programmed it into a PIC16F887. Your Basic compiler is so easy to use it pretty much worked at the first attempt... It was a very pleasing bonus to find I did not need to configure the PIC16F887 internal registers as the compiler had done that task by itself. What really impressed me was your Microcontroller View and Simulator graphics. These are great visual debugging aids, showing microcontroller operation down to the device pins... Within a short time I had successfully written four different test programs... This is vastly quicker than any other development software I have ever used. Today I made the purchased via your website. I congratulate you on this truly elegant software. Mr. John Adams

I'll always try and help out where and when I can. I feel your project is extremely important. There are a bewildering array of controllers on the market these days with little or no commonality in programming. Your system allows simulation; something missing from almost all the others. It's ease of use is second to none. I use it a great deal just for the speed at which I can put something together, but it's also such an easy entry point for kids to learn what they can do with these MCUs. Over the years I've had a lot of support (including random and sometimes insane questions) and you've always answered, sometimes even pushing a change through into the software. This doesn't happen elsewhere. Keep it up, my friend. Mr. Iain Noblett

I am very happy with this software. It is a very nice project that is worth it. Mr. Andy Vicente

You have the best PIC software suite around. It’s worth it on so many levels. Keep up the fantastic work Vladimir. Mr. Iain Noblett

I want to congratulate you for those wonderful helpful programs that you developed. It is a fun to work with and create microcontroller projects. Mr. Günter Michels

In fact I am a fan of your applications, simple yet powerful. Great work! I recall using Pic Simulator IDE back in 2006 while I was fresh out of college, but your software played important role in creating interest in this domain. Now after 12 years, I no longer work as electronic engineer, quite recently happened to be visiting your site and it generated interest again planning to do some hobby projects. Keep up this great work! Mr. Niran Kumar

May I compliment you on an excellent piece of software. The cost is also excellent. It really is worth a lot more than you charge. The simulation and the tools are first class. I will tell friends about PIC Simulator. Mr. Russell Davies

I want thank Vladimir Soso for taking the time to develop this IDE. Programming PICs has become much more productive for a hobbyist like myself. 15 years in production and looking forward to what this man will come up with in the future. Mr. Donald M Russell

Thank you spending the time to make programming enjoyable. I just want to say thanks for taking BASIC and creating something very, very useful for all of us who want to learn about programming and write powerful programs without having to learn C. Here in the U.S., if you don't know C they think you can't write a program to do anything useful. But until you started the OshonSoft project, there weren't any other good choices besides what I call basic BASIC. Mr. Norman Jung

Thanks a lot for this great tool! Esp. Z80. Perfect 'Swiss Knife' for retro computer projects! Mr. Rene Vetter

I like it to work with your compilers and simulators. Masterpieces of software. Mr. Roland Wuethrich

I've been looking around for something like this for some time and was pleasantly surprised at how affordable your software is. I'm looking forward to getting back into some assembler programming again mainly on PICs but also on AVRs. Your simulators will give me more confidence in checking that my code works without the tedium of continual reprogramming. Mr. Allan Miller

This is a great product, very easy to use and definitely worth the price. I will pass on my recommendations to my colleagues. Mr. Rick Hurlbatt

I am an amateur programmer who uses your software to program PIC chips for scale models and I think your software is fantastic! Please keep up the brilliant work! Mr. Ian Walters

Thanks! I've installed/updated and verified everything is working perfectly. I still think you don't charge enough. Your software is worth a LOT more money! Mr. Mark Abene

I can't wait for the next big revision whatever it is. You have made my PIC programming a true pleasure. As opposed to the nightmare I face every time I microchip's line (XC8, etc.). I really enjoy using the simulators. I know that when I get my program to run on one it will run on the chip - provided I wire it up right. Mr. Timothy Utley

Your project is one of the best series of electronics programs I've ever seen and used. Mr. Keith Anderson

I want to say big THANK YOU for making this program. It helped me a lot in debugging my code for the custom hardware that I've built. Best money spent in my life. Mr. Sebastian Bialkowski

I must say that the PIC18 Simulator is an amazing piece of software. I used the evaluation version this morning to debug some code I had written yesterday but had not had the opportunity to program into an actual PIC. It is obvious to me how much work has been done on this product and I congratulate you for making it available at such a reasonable price. Mr. Vernon Miller

I should also mention how impressed I am by your software. As I gradually learn how to develop, I find myself thinking 'wouldn't it be great if the developer environment did x', then I open up the tools menu and find it already does. Examples of 'x' include the: breakpoint manager, watch variables, oscilloscope, and preserve input states on simulation start. Overall an incredibly intuitive piece of software. So often I feel like I have to fight against the tool I'm using, but not so with the PIC simulator. To find something so clean, functional, and light, is rare. So... thanks! Mr. Gerry Hawkins

There are a few really good bits of software out there that are good, value for money, and are supported. This is one of them - so much so that I bought extra licenses that I don't actually need to show appreciation where it counts. Mr. Alan Oxley

Thank you for the special offer. I took advantage of it not only because it is a generous deal but also because I have grown to depend on your software and want to show my appreciation for your hard work. Your software is the best emulation/simulation software in the world. Not only does it do the job intended, but does so without frequent patches and workarounds. OK, so sometimes you have a day that'd you'd rather skip. All of us geeks have them and as the complexity of our projects increases so do the challenges. So hang in there... 'I know that you know the truth'! Mr. Robert Gabriel

New software is running great. Really enjoying new capabilities, and examples. Mr. Randall Young

I have been using your software for the last few months and love it. Its simplicity is its key to sucess... Mr. John Hale

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful job you've done with PIC(18) Simulator IDE; it is an invaluable tool that lets me spare a lot of time in testing and troubleshooting and makes me understand the inner workings of microcontrollers. Thanks again! Mr. Roberto Carraro

PIC SIM IDE is by far the best solution for getting PIC projects up and running quickly. I have built many useful and fun devices and adding USB connectivety has opened up a whole new world. Mr. Geoff Buckeridge

This is excellent software and has really helped my hobby Z80 development, it has everything! Thank you and keep up the quality software. Mr. Adam Hartley

The program is outstanding. Revelation!!! Mr. Bogdan Szafoni

I am very impressed with your progress and I am very proud of the fact that your software has allowed me to develop hobby devices at a professional level! I like to brag about your IDE's! Whenever someone approaches me about PIC's, I send them to you website! Mr. Roger F. Jordan Sr.

Thanks again for the great programs of yours, I have been using the Z80 Simulator IDE on a project of mine for a few weeks now and I was so pleased with your excellent work that I wanted to buy everything in case I need them in the future! =) Keep up the awesome work! Mr. Nick Kyparissas

Note I was still enjoying tremendously the capability of your ASSEMBLER with which I have designed plenty USB joy stick programs including a Force feedback connection with Flight Sim IL2. Mr. George Brennet

I told you once and I will tell you again what a great piece of work all of this software is. I commend you on all of this great work and I very much appreciate the privledge to be able to use this. Mr. Ron Ricci

Thank you very much for this great product... I really love developing with it. And thank you that everything, ordering, payment, ... worked so well... Mr. Patrick Strasser

Keep up the good work! It was a pleasure supporting your hard work by buying this excellent and invaluable software! Mr. Árpád Attila Bakos

Firstly let me say how great your software is, I have been using it with the kids lately and it works brilliant! Mr. Dan Pike

Btw, compliments for a very nice piece of software. I am just starting again developing software for microcontrollers and was more then happy to shell-out the 39 euro for PIC IDE, a price the competition does not even come close to. Mr. Jan Frederik Nipshagen

I really-really like the simulator and the basic compiler is quick and easy to use. I have been using PBP for many years but I MUCH prefer this environment... It is simple and very effective and the simualator makes debugging a breeze! Mr. Rupert Powell

Thank you for the excellent software. The selection also from better-known AVR compilers I've met because of the simple handling of the GUI. The formed assembler code is really exemplary, short and well documented. The price for this high-quality software is really small. Thank you! Mr. Thomas Bernstein

I like your software a lot. I'm using it doing some commercial and personal projects. I can tell you, it is the best uC software I own. Mr. Enrique Gonzalez

For the last few years I have been using both the Pic IDE and the 18F IDE and have introduced many people into buying this great product. With the external routines Mr. Eric Gibbs has made is a great bonus as well as the other external routines. Today I am teaching a novice on an Alternative Energy forum to use the Oshonsoft Basic and the response was WOW how easy is this to learn. A great piece of software that will only get better. Mr. Bryan Cunnington

I am impressed by this program. Well done. Mr. Shawn M Downey

I would like you to know I really like your app and use it quite often. I wish you all the best and continued success in your endeavor. Mr. Sufi Hossain

I like your great products and services! Keep up the good work! Mr. D. J. Wang

In Serbian: Svaka pohvala za ove alate, jer se u mikrokontrolere nikada ne bih upustio da nisam na njih naleteo. (In English: My compliments on these tools. If I had not come accross your website, I would have never got involved in microcontrollers.) Mr. Nenad Ugarkovic

Again, your program is very impressive, easy to use and inexpensive. I will be using it a great deal. Mr. Byron Dawson

By the way, I enjoy your software very much in many different projects... Excellent. Mr. Ad de Jong

I received the license e-mail and the floating point math works like a dream... Mr. Jukka Siitari

Your software has helped bring some enjoyment back into electronics for me! Mr. Dave Pedder

Having a great time with your masterpieces. Mr. Colin Freeman

This is an excellent package, it has helped me with some Z80 controller code I needed to alter. In fact I was so impressed with the IDE even in trial mode that I purchased it well before it expired. I have yet to explore all the options like single stepping, that will come later, I am impressed with the way the tools work, the output in standard cut & paste form where needed as well as the automatically produced files. This is a developers dream tool, very well worth the money. Thank you! Mr. Mike Foster

By the way, you have a truly great product. I am a complete novice at PIC programming and have already used the evaluation copy of the program to build several projects. Mr. John Werthman

Can I just say what a wonderful program you have created - as a relative beginner in this field it has given me the confidence to get stuck in. Following the success with the 16 series I shall be upgrading to the 18F in the very near future. Mr. Ben Redfern

Within hours of the arrival of my PIC Simulator IDE license, I was able to join two pieces of code tested individually under the evaluation license. Everything went together exactly as I expected and the first pass produced a working HEX file. The Keypad Matrix and Hardware UART Simulation Interface were both quite valuable in verifying correct program output. I would be pleased to recommend your software to anyone needing a BASIC compiler for the PIC family. Mr. Peter Putnam

Yes, indeed: Your PICSIM makes working with the 'black box' a children game... Mr. Wolfgang Willenbrink

First, I was amazed by your Z80-simulator ide. Since being a beginner in Z80-assembler it was great help for me seeing what's going on in registers, doing a step-by-step program execution. Most of my errors were being caught in the first attempt. When the program runs like it should, I've ported this to my SHARP pocket calculator (which is using a Z80-compatible CPU). Without your IDE I would have spent many nights in frustration. Since you gave me the option to save much money registering the rest of your products, I've registered them, too. Not knowing it this time that it would come in handy: I've started interested in the programming of microcontrollers and still I'm not sure which one will be best. So I'm evaluating PICs and AVRs (also a 8051-compatible) by now and your software is excellent again: I don't need to buy several different compilers, I can use a high level language for doing my testing. Of course, assembler is a better way when specialicing in a certain brand of µC. But for now I can get results in an easy way very fast. Please keep up with your excellent work! Mr. Roland Schatz

My compliments on a great product. I switch around between PIC Simulator, gpsim, and MPLAB, depending on what I'm doing. I do all my coding in assembler. The biggest advantages of your simulator are two things: The binary view of registers. (I've been doing this since 1968, back when machines had big panels with lights and old habits are hard to break. I like seeing what's going on.) And your oscilloscope, controls, UART simulator, etc. are the only ones that work properly. Those features on other simulators all have flaws that makes them almost useless or extremely clumsy to use. I find MPLAB quicker for development and testing because the user interface is better for that. But if I really want to see overall operation PIC Sim is the best. Excellent product. It was the best in 2004 and it's still the best today. It must make you proud to know you make the best PIC simulator in the world. :-) Mr. Phil Landmeier

Many Thanks. As always your customer service is every bit as good as your product. I use your software regularly and am able to complete the software design cycle in a matter of hours for nearly every project I build. After a long period of using this I have still not found it lacking in functionality. Mr. Mark Miles

As a professor, I've tested and used a lot of different compilers and languages to program PICs and Z80s. Yours comes out on top every time. It's my software of choice when I develop my own personal projects as well. Mr. Robert Howell

Great product - I always recommend to other people! Mr. Dominic Paternoster

Thanks a bunch for a fantastic product. Great nifty little software! Mr. Gerhard Kropf

I have been trying the updated version and found the stepper module and other tools a valuable help. Since first installing the PIC IDE (Oct 04 !!!) I struggled to grasp PIC programming even through I had some knowledge of basic (from the old zx81 days!). However, in the last 6 months I have studied long and hard using the IDE and using small program modules have now grasped the art of PIC programming ,and with this I realize the full usefulness and ease of use of the PIC IDE. Thank you! Mr. David Warner

I am delighted with your software product. I've been in the industry for 25 years, and your compiler with all it's great features and ease of use really stands out. Thank you for your continued effort to support and improve this awesome piece of software! Mr. David Choo

Since I installed my license, I stayed enchanted for this too marvelous tool. It is a master piece. Mr. Pedro Mejia

I look forward to spending unlimited time exploring your great software. I have not worked with Basic for many years, and found that the visual, and well-organized interface you have developed, has made it very easy for me to 'get back up to speed'. I bought the PicKit 3 from Microchip, installed their latest MPLAB software, and opened up an .asm file which I had saved from your PIC Simulator IDE software. It compiled perfectly the first time, and loaded into the 28-Pin Demo Board with no issues... and it worked! I also noticed that after a few evaluation sessions, it was getting easier to comprehend and understand what I was doing, which is allowing me to learn how to better use, and exploit, the potential of the PIC processor. Thank You very much for making this special product for the creative brain. Mr. Tom Wray

As a programmer myself, I am thrilled to support your work. Your software is excellent! I am happy to be a new customer of yours. Please accept this as a letter of encouragement to continue to build excellent software. Mr. Nicholas F Sardo II

After purchasing the set of personal licenses a short time ago I have upgraded to commercial versions. This was just in case I may one day write something that I could sell and also as a form of gratitude to all your efforts. As a PLC software engineer I have always thought it would be just too hard to go back to the style of my Z80 days (1978) of 'hex entry and assembler', but I am ready to tackle anything with your fantastic tools. Very best wishes from England. Mr. Colin Freeman

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done on this software. I think it's the best on the market. Mr. Kudzai Shumbamhini

Many thanks and everything went smoothly I am happy to report. Another satisfied customer... Mr. Victor Kershaw

And let me tell you that your software is really great! In about six weeks I'll have an exam in communications technology with Assembler programming, and your simulator is great help at preparing myself for the test. Mr. Stephan Blum

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am to see so many more appreciative comments since my first. I thought I was going to be building a lot more PIC based systems. Turns out I've hardly had to build any. The simulator environment has allowed me to develop 'proof of concept' models that allow me to move on to the next element with the confidence that the underlying hardware can be readily created if the overall project looks promising. Mr. Craig Tice

I thoroughly enjoy your PIC simulator IDE simulator, compiler and pic basic language. It is astonishingly complete and application specific detail oriented package. I choose your software due to its dazzling array of features for the price. In fact I was to some extent disbelieving such a program existed. Your company says with its product 'the business model of inexpensive quality software is still alive and well'. The ability to evaluate the program for free is the feature that sold me as it performed very well. I will certainly and with enthusiasm spread the word that poor quality high priced software with lackluster customer support has been slain by your company! Mr. Philip C Young

I have found your software very impressive and while I am new to pic programming this will save a lot of time and make this new hobby a lot more fun. Thank you for a fine piece of work. Mr. Brian Turnbull

I've bought this software a few years ago. But since there I've never seen a better simulation tool for PIC Microcontrollers. And I've tested many. Thanks again. Mr. Wolfgang Platzer

Thank you very much for a great and affordable product. Mr. Gary Scott

You provide an outstanding service for an outstanding product. Mr. Brian Gray

Your contributions to the industry are great. I will be a customer for life! Keep up the good work. Mr. Robert Howell

Keep up the good work. Love your simulators. Now that I am working on firmware all day I can really see the value in them. Mr. Rob Judd

Thanks for updating these great programs. The descriptions of changes are exciting. Mr. Paul Bartlett

Again, many thanks for your fantastic work! Mr. Wolfgang Willenbrink

Good job, I am always delighted. This simulator is the best I've ever seen. Mr. Helmut Holm

All is working and I must say how impressed I am with the added improvements you have made over the last few years. Mr. Gordon Smith

Oh, this compiler manual looks sooooo much better. And many new features. I am switching now from PicBasic. Thanks for this. Mr. Joe Boswell

Just a short note to thank you for your work. I am only a hobby user, but have found the Z80 simulator to be very useful in the past four years or so. Moving back into PICs again, I can see you have also published some PIC projects - these are brilliant and valuable resource! Mr. Paul Williams

There is one thing I want to say. I think that all users of your software ought you much more than what we have paid to purchase it. Your software is more powerful than too many others and at the same time is much less expensive. This was a reason for me to buy all your software packages although I am using only PIC micros. Mr. Makis Iosifidis

I would like to thank you for the perfect software which helped me to finish many of my projects. Mr. Martin Jilemnicky

I used this weekend to get familiar with my new simulator and compiler. It's a good feature rich simulator and easy to use. Thank you and keep on with your good work. Mr. Alexander Erren

The program is excellent - its easy to pay for such good software! BTW, I love the simulators - these are making my life so much easier with the devel process. The price is an added bonus! I have spent years (on and off) doing PIC devel, but the AVR's are a new addition - having nearly identical environments for both is fantastic 'leg up'. Keep up the great work, 10/10 from this end of the world! Mr. Richard Ham

The PIC Simulator IDE is an excellent educational tool. Congratulations!!! Mr. Édilus de C. Penido

I am very glad to tell you that your software 8085 Simulator IDE is the best software I have ever used for 8085 programming. I am a final year student of Electronics & Communication Engineering and I am designing 8085 microprocessor instructors kit as my major project. And I was having the hex memory dump only, I didn't have mnemonics and complete programming code. But your program helps me a lot in debugging and now I am having complete program and hex file to burn my EPROM. I am very very thankful to you. Mr. Himanshu Gupta

Your PIC Simulator is the best piece of software I have ever purchased! Mr. Martin Dowdy

Your program appears to be very useful and it didn't take me long after downloading the demo that this is something that is definitely worth buying. I haven't seen any other simulator that just works right out of the box and is as easy to use as this one. Mr. Jeroen Treurniet

Although I had no earlier experience with programming controllers my goal is to do bigger projects than just let some leds blinking (as most people do when they start with PIC programming). Well, I must say, your software works great! It saves a lot of time before really building the project in real. Within three weeks I had a SPI temperature sensor (TC77, 12-bit) running logging on a 2x16 LCD and RS232, and I made a two channel 22-bit Delta-Sigma (MCP3550) data logger with a 32768 Hz watch crystal timer oscillator and full decimal output on 2x16 LCD and RS232. Mr. René Reudink

My congratulations again for your software. They are among the most friendly and intuitive microcontroller related programs I have ever seen. Mr. Mauricio Gendelman

I'm just writing to add a comment about your software. I am very impressed with the PIC simulator and compiler IDE. It is of very high quality and performance. It has made development a lot easier and more accurate. Many Thanks. Mr. Greg Newton

I've rarely been so impressed as to write to the author, but your software is fantastic - and worth 10 times the purchase price (though obviously I'm glad it's not). I wish you every success - thank you for tor making PIC programming accessible, quick and easy: I can throw out my assembly books now! Mr. Chris Holden

Let me congratulate you on the great job, you've done on the IDE, a great and easy to use tool. Mr. Daniel Ramos

I want to congratulate you, PIC simulator IDE is really wonderful. It is intuitive, stable, rich of functionality, simulator and tools are very accurate, the ActiveX server to develop external module is very interesting. I was never so glad to buy a software before! Thank you for your great work! Mr. Giovanni Chieli

The software is fantastic...! Mr. Klaus Spattholz

May I say how impressed I am by your software, with the ease of use especially. Many thanks again. Mr. Alan Tout

Thanks for your fantastic program. I never bought such a professional program for such a low price to improve my hobby. Mr. Geert Steenbergen

For me your software is marvelous and is an essence of how microcontrollers can be learned and programmed in a not so difficult way. Mr. Tomasz Slupinski

Congratulations for the excellent software. It will help me a lot with my projects at the university. Mr. Anderson Souza

Superb software, easy to develop new applications in basic. Well worth the money. The application I now have working would have taken weeks in assembler. Mr. Andrew Britton

Thanks for your great program. It is one of the best value bits of software I have ever bought. Mr. Paul McMahon

After evaluating your PIC simulator for a while I decided it was time to honor the writer by buying a license and now I wish i did that earlier. These simulators are well built good documented tools every microcontroller designer should have in his toolbox. Mr. Onno Tromop

Still using your AVR and PIC IDE's and find they still are more efficient and easier to use then most other systems. Mr. Colin Day

Thanks for creating such a wonderfully useful suite of excellent tools. I am thoroughly enjoying using them. Mr. Mick Hartung

Just to let you know, the software is excellent. As a total amateur it has been invaluable when debugging my first pieces of code. Mr. Andrew Walch

I am a sporadic (but intense at times) user of your software, being primarily an analogue audio designer, but each time I come back to it I am delighted how easy it is to pick up again and how useful a tool it is. Mr. Laurence Taylor

Just thought I would let you know that I think the PIC Simulator IDE program is fantastic, it's nice to see the code you have written actually working without the need to build a PCB. Mr. Richard Fildes

Thank you for your MASTERPIECE software. Now I cannot imagine my PIC development without it anymore. Mr. Viktor Vaculik

First I must say your PIC compiler is incredible! Congratulations and many thanks for providing such a comprehensive and easy to use programming package. Mr. Louis Pijpers

My compliments on some excellent programs, I am looking forward to using them on some serious projects. Mr. Tony Swallow

PIC18 Simulator IDE is wonderful. I built FSK modem on 18F2520 and I was surprised how fast I can build real time functions. Hardware USART simulator is perfect. I can see any cycle of uC and I can catch any bug from beginning. Thanks for the nice software. How one man can build that beautiful IDE! MPLAB is far, far behind You :). Alternative SFR window is perfect for my 1900x1200 display. Good luck in future versions! Mr. Ritvars Rizikovs

Hello from Athens. I have tried your evaluation version for a short period of time but it was long enough to realize that it was a great job. Now that I just completed the installation and registration of PIC Simulator IDE, I am more than happy to start working on my pic projects using it. Thanks to people like you we can go on with MCU's. Thanks man! Keep up the good work... Mr. Pavlos Kopsidas

After two days using PIC Simulator IDE, I have been able to go much more far into the details I needed for my own electronic project. You IDE is very well conceptualized and adapted to MCUs programming. I gain time during design, during development, and I can now think about WHAT to do instead of HOW to do it, and I am very pleased to spend my time on electronics knowing I will reach my goals. Mr. Jean-Michel Brunaud

Just to compliment what I read others have written about your program. I have the same experience, I have tried all/many of the other programs available on the Internet and find that yours is absolutely the most outstanding and user friendly. Apart from the super tools included, the ease of use when one debugs or changes a program along with the super fast action, make this the best friend a programmer could wish for. Congratulations! Mr. Brian Phillips

I must say that from using the trial version for only a short time I believe it is a GREAT product. Mr. Michael Dufall

I'm using the PIC10 IDE and I find it an excellent tool! Thanks for making such an easy to use product. Mr. Reid Wender

Everything went smoothly - software installed, licenses installed, first tries - no issue at all. Straightforward! Now it's time to start to play with this superb software. Mr. Christian Hostelet

I am using both the Z80 Simulator and the PIC Simulator frequently and find both of them invaluable. Thanks. Mr. Allan McLeod

Your software made me really enthiusiastic about PIC programming again, thanks! Mr. Benoît Balmaekers

I'm just a retired electronics guy at a late stage trying to 'get into' micros non-professionally for hobbying fun. May I say with great respect that although I find some of your tutorial texts somewhat challenging to the raw beginner, now I've broken the ice, I'm beginning to discover the true value of your software. Really great! Mr. Steve Langner

You have produced such excellent tools, which enable people like us to do more with our PIC programming, than we possibly could without them. I have still not found any other package that comes anywhere near to the completeness, and functionality you have provided in your software. Thanks again. Mr. Paul Bartlett

The product is awesome, it really is working amazingly well. Mr. Sean Riley

I love this program and continue to use it daily. It is a brilliant piece of software! Mr. Aaron Pugh

I'd just like to say thanks for creating such awesome software! I was able to reduce a few days messing around with assembler down to around half an hour's work (and that included referring the BASIC docs). I'm so impressed that I've also ordered your PIC18 IDE too, so I can get started with the USB functionality without having to spend days reading through the PIC documentation and USB specs. Please feel free to quote any of the above as testimony. Mr. Chay Donohoe

This is the most amazing piece of software for PIC development that I have seen in some time. The value for money is outstanding. Mr. Roger Sanders

I know how much effort goes into your software and I appreciate the quality of that effort. Playing with the demo software has been great fun and highly instructive. Mr. Iain Girdwood

Just to let you know, I played around with most of the PIC programming tools off the internet and settling on your program was an easy choice - it's comprehensive, fun and easy to use and the pricing is incredibly reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone wanting to make some quick progress with PIC programming. Mr. Craig Tice

I'm very impressed with the pic simulator and have found it incredibly useful not to mention the repeatably error free and efficient asm code generation and stability of the program itself. Mr. Chris Bate

I have been using PIC Simulator IDE for about a year now and it has greatly helped me with my project work. Mr. Stephen Smith

I have gone from absolutely no experience with PIC programming to several completed projects using your AWESOME software. In addition to the receiver display, I have also designed and constructed a dual LCD display GPS clock and other amateur radio projects. PIC simulator IDE is AWESOME Vladimir!!! Keep up the good work. Mr. Larry Gouliard

I also wanted to take the chance to let you know that I have really enjoyed using your software (the 8085 and Z80 simulators have worked great for me). And, while I was able to use the PIC Simulator, it was an invaluable tool for me when I first started working with the PIC devices. I also have a licensed C compiler for the PIC series. I expected the C compiler to create much faster code than your basic compiler, but it worked the opposite. Thanks again. Great product. Mr. Greg Lilly

I've just placed an order for the PIC Simulator IDE. It's an excellent program and will save me hours and hours for work for my personal projects. Mr. Graeme Hill

Your software simply rocks! I used it for some analog code testing and it highlighted a hardware error. Keep up the good work! Mr. Christopher Aljaradat

Just wanted to drop a line to express my appreciation for all the enhancements you have been making. Wish you all the best on your endeavours. Mr. Sufi Hossain

Thanks again so much for your tireless efforts on behalf of the MCU programming community. Mr. Michael Conboy

Thank you for the new version of your Z80 Simulator IDE. It's a useful and efficient product, and a refreshing change from other commercial versions. Mr. Nigel Cox

Before I begin I just want to say EXCELLENT SOFTWARE!!! I am having soooo much fun!!! Mr. Lood Birk

As always you offer the best piece of development software with the best support I have ever experienced from any software company. Other much larger companies should follow your example. I do believe that PIC Simulator IDE is now the best development tool for any pic development work. You have really created something special, and I really do appreciate it. Mr. James Wilkinson

Thank you very much for my PIC Simulator IDE license and for your prompt response to my order. Having read your comments page, I can only add my congratulations for a truly remarkable product at a very affordable price. I have used a number of PIC development systems over the years with varying degrees of success but your system performs faultlessly in every aspect. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this and your other software products and wish you every success with future developments. Mr. Brian Tyler

I enjoy working with this program. I have been using it now for about one year, the support has been great and I look forward to working with you in the future. Mr. John Salinardi

Thanks! Great software by the way. This will save me some HUGE debugging time. Mr. David Sherwood

This is one great program! I'm really enjoying the simulator. I'm very new to this compiler, but I think I'm going to really like it. Mr. Duane Waller

I am very impressed with all the functionality, and ease of use. It is a great improvement over other packages I have. Mr. Stewart Baker

Your software is really fantastic, I am so happy to have stumbled accross it! Thanks for the all the hard work. Mr. Akash Heimlich

Thanks again for the absolutly best PIC product I have ever used. It makes writing code a very easy process and allows me to see what the code is going to do before building my hardware around it. When anyone asks, I tell them that your company offers the best products at an affordable price... Mr. Bill Noland

I'm very glad I came across this software, very much worth the price! Mr. Jonathon Harris

Do you plan to launch a Linux version? I keep running one PC on Windows just to run your nice PIC Simulator IDE. Thanks for your nice work! Mr. Jesus Consuegra

First of all, for me this is by far the best spent money on PIC dev software by now. Congrats on good work! I'm using your program for only two days now and amazing thing is that all built in funcitons (like hardware uart, lcd, i2c, eeprom, etc.) actually work and generate compact asm code! Not the case in all compilers I've tried by now... Mr. Nidal Prasovic

I can't help but marvel at the changes you have implemented in your software. Mr. Ken Price

I would just like to say what an excellent job you are doing with PIC Simulator. I have been using it for quite some time now and it has saved me countless hours of un-necessary work. Every time I think of a job that PIC simulator can't do, you release a new version with support for that task. It's like you're a mindreader! It is so refreshing to come across a developer who takes such pride in his work. Mr. Dave Grennan

Just continue to develop this VERY GOOD software, it seems to be the easiest tool for pic projects. Mr. David Lespect

This is fantastic - my PIC was running in a few hours and I have never used a micro before. Your system got an absolute beginner going in half a day. Many many thanks! Mr. Graham Marshall

Thanks for a wonderful environment for PIC development! Mr. Mike Fratus

First I want to congratulate you on an incredible well written PIC IDE simulator. It is by far the best simulator I have ever seen and used and I have used a lot of simulators. It is so realistic one almost feels they are inside of the chip watching it execute instructions. Mr. Victor Shideler

I just wanted to add that PIC Simulator IDE is looking and performing better than ever and I wouldn't consider using anything else. Mr. James Wilkinson

I just wanted to say, excellent piece of software! I'd never programmed a PIC before yesterday. I built a Velleman kit, tried your software, copied and pasted a bit of PICBasic from another site and within a few minutes had written the hex file to the real PIC and it worked just the same. Can't ask for much more than that. Mr. David Taylor

I thought you would appreciate some new user feedback - only one days usage but the 'out of the box' experience is fresh so it's a good time. I originally wanted the IDE simply to get Basic compiler support. However, the quality of the features of the IDE surprised me with the standard simulation capabilities, the potential to design new simulation components in ActiveX and the Basic complier itself really standing out. The result was I had a working dual stage cascaded TMR timing chain coded, simulated in loaded to device in minutes. I think you should also promote that the simulator works on hex and that the IDE contains a disassembler/assembler as all that simulation functionality is then available to current MPLAB users. Congratulations on the project, it really delivers on its promises and more! Mr. Guy Dungworth

The PIC Simulator IDE seems great! I am very impressed with it. I've tried other solutions in the past, but yours is the best so far! Thanks! Mr. Eric Wolsing

Thank you so much for such an easy to use and very functional program. Mr. Thomas Barlet

We are using your Z80 simulator since 2004 and today we can confirm that it's an excellent tool for development on the market. We use it to develop a very interesting Z80 single board for our microprocessor learning center in Yaounde, Cameroon. Thank you very much for your great work. Z80 simulator IDE is our favorite working tool. Accept my congratulations. Mr. Bernard Wambo

You have written such a great product. I really enjoy using the software, especially when I can use the emulators to see what happens before touching the hardware. Mr. Jahan Jamshidi

Thanks for a great product. Even the old version works perfectly with no bugs or funny malfunctions. Mr. Ole Wulff

I have used the demo of both the PIC16F and 18F version of the simulator. I am impressed. I have a 2 year old compiler that costs $230 that doesn't do much more then yours and hasn't offered an upgrade in two years! Mr. Kenneth Jennejohn

Just a note to thank you for designing such a powerful tool and letting us be part of this great project. My student's are doing well and are doing their homework with excitement (and this is a relief for me!) Mr. Emil Rodriguez

I have owned pic simulator for about a year now, and it is the most valuable piece of software I have ever owned. Thank you again for such a wonderful piece of software! A very happy customer... Mr. Matthew Trigg

Thanks for your software which makes me enjoy PIC programming! Mr. Azzdine Sallah

Your products are EXCELLENT learning and development tools. The Basic compiler is as good or better than anything else on the market. Mr. Rene Teo

What a tool! Let me send you again my congratulations for such a nice piece of software. Mr. Didier Longueville

No improvement requested... They come automatically... Still enjoying the easyness of use and POWER of your system. Bless the day I found your site. Mr. Georges Brennet

I must take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful program, it has helped me very much since I purchased it. I have now mastered the basic compiler which makes my programming much easier and faster; in addition your constant updates improve the program all the time. As a program writer I would never pass details I think the writer should always be paid for the work they have done and the help you have given me when I have had a few upgrade problems have been great. I support your work and wish you all luck for the future. I have recommended your simulator to many people now and hope they have taken advantage of this fantastic program. Mr. John Armstrong

I have 25 years of experience as hardware design engineer, and I can tell you that your simulation environment is the best package that I have worked with. Mr. Horst Maier

I'm a very impressed user of your programs. They makes every day more efficient. Thanks for all! Mr. Wolfgang Platzer

I meant to do this a while back! I just wanted to thank you for such a great product, at a great price! You should know, that rarely if ever do I write any person or company regarding their product. Your PIC simulator however, is most definitely deserving of an exception, and I felt very strongly that I needed to send you a Thank You for a great product and a job well done! To be sure, I do have other development applications, mostly because a lot of the PIC programming introductory books recommended them. However, more and more I find myself preferring to use your product. I think your product needs to get mentioned in these books! The completely integrated environment is just too convenient when compared to much more expensive packages, and is much easier to use than many of the free development tools... PIC simulator IDE is quickly becoming my default PIC development tool! The more familiar with the PIC simulator IDE and its features, the more convinced I become of what a really great product it is! And yes, I do recommend it to my friends! Keep up the great work! Thank You! Mr. Robert Shepard

Great software, my laser tag project was almost halted because I couldn't get to grips with HEX or ASM code and your BASIC editor just rescued the day! Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to putting a link on a project website. Mr. Jonathon Harris

What a wonderful program! Very nice! Mr. Ward Christensen

Thank you for your excellent software and continued updates. Mr. Marvin Thorman

I can't thank you enough for the devotion and excellence of your work. I appreciate it very much, and I'm very gratefull! Mr. Khaled Wagdy

Whoa! I think I've just fallen in love with your IDE! You wrote this bad boy in VB6 and made it a server/client app that lets me poke around insidevia your template! Anyhow, you've sold me. I'm buying a license. :-) Mr. Forrest Higgs

Good featured packed products (Basic compiler, IDE and simulator) all for an affordable price.. Well done!! Mr. Mathew Brown

First of all I'm still mega impressed with your work! I have just made a pcb router with an old engraving tool (flat bed two axis) and witten the controller with your basic. I can't tell you how much easier you've made it. Thanks. Mr. Ian Rogers

You simulator is one of the easiest to use and the most complete I've ever seen. GREAT JOB! Mr. Federico Busetto

Your software is excellent and it is this program that created my full interest in PIC programming. It took less than 5 minutes for me to dump hex into my project chip and project started running. My thanks and congratulations to your efforts, expertise and devotion to produce such an excellent software, offered at a very resonable price. Mr. Dinesh Gajjar

And I can't tell you how many hours the simulator has saved me in terms of debugging, so keep up the great work! It's a damn fine piece of software. Mr. Tim Sweeney

Thanks a lot! Without your software I would never have discovered the 'real power of PIC' without wasting a lot of time. Mr. Federico Busetto

I've downloaded the PIC Simulator trial version and I must say what a great piece of work. Mr. Reinhard Labuschagne

Thank you! I find your software most useful in my personal quest to master PICs. Mr. Sean Hall

I recently downloaded the PIC Simulator IDE evaluation and I think it is a fantastic package. Without doubt the best uC IDE I have used! Mr. William Boulter

I've been using the PIC Simulator since 2003 and I think it's excellent and far superior to anything else on the market. Mr. David Hayes

I must say finding PIC Simulator IDE was such a joy. I managed to get more work done in one day that I had in the past three weeks using other compilers/assembly. It was nice to finally find such a good piece of software which was in the price range of a hobbyist. Mr. David Grennan

I must confess until a few weeks I've done all my PIC programming/simulation on the MPLAB IDE enviroment. But after trying your PIC Simulator for a few days I've completely fall in love with it! I mean, it's full of interesting features and tools that accelerate software debugging. Mr. Emil Rodriguez

You, alone, keep pace with the other PIC compiler & IDE studios which have whole design groups. Bravo! I don't know how you do it! Mr. Michael Conboy

Thanks again for providing THE most valuable and fun website and software on our local planet. Mr. Lawrence Self

I would like to add that your simulator becomes more valuable every time I use it, this really is one of the best pieces of software I've ever come across in my 20 years working in electronics. Mr. Iain Noblett

I just want to thank you for the licence for the two programs - I have found PIC (the only one I have tried so far) to be fascinating and one of the best programs I have found in over twenty years of computing. There are still many problems I have not yet solved but I am getting nearer. It certainly appears to be fairly easy to use. Mr. Peter Lumb

Thank You very much for Your great work. The PicSim is my favorite working-tool! Mr. Wolfgang Willenbrink

Accept my congratulations. In a magazine for the professional developers of electronic systems (www.soel.ru) my clause is printed out. In this clause I tell about your program - PIC Simulator IDE. I hope, that it will increase usage of this perfect program for the developers. Mr. Aleksandr Danilin

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on the continued development of your software. It is like having a Lab all setup ready to go whenever I have a few minutes to work on development. I am sure that many of us don't have a lab that we can just go to whenever we have a few minutes to work on a brainstorm idea. The Simulator gives me that lab to work in without having to setup all my equipment. Mr. Andy Middleton

Thank you again for your fine work and wonderful simulator and compiler! I continue to be amazed, and grateful, and am glad I found my way to it. I am a Macintosh user, and PIC Simulator IDE is the only program I use on the PC platform (other than the occasional game). Mr. Robert Covington

First of all thanks for the great support and follow-up on updates - This is by far the best approach I have ever seen - I own a license for 3 of your simulators. Mr. Robert Cote

Thanks for all your tremendous efforts. Keep up the good work. Mr. George Lindo

Thanks for the license. I have tested the simulator quite thoroughly and in my opinion this is an invaluable tool. Thanks for making it available at such affordable price. Mr. Per Ohlsson

I used your software to design a combination 8 axis servo current monitor, and laser power meter, for the 8 axis cnc laser machining centers at my place of employment (Laser Maintenance Dept. Aerofab Corporation). You have a great product. Mr. Anthony W. Heywood-Clough

Congratulations on designing such an excellent product - you must have some unusual ability - especially, when your background is Physics. I never thought Physicist can be so innovative in the area of programming. It is really easy to use and very intuitive. Dr. Ramesh Gaonkar

I can't begin to describe how excited I am with the improvements and updates of PIC Simulator IDE that you released the last two months... Everytime you prove that those great comments that you receive from all over the world are well-deserved indeed. Mr. Yiannis Tsoligas

Your software is brilliant, terrific and great. Mr. Mark Pepper

Just to let you know I have developed many project in the last 2 years and have used your software. And I cannot do without it! The Best one in my book. Mr. Larry Dumonchelle

Great! Brilliant! Fantastic! Mr. James Wilkinson

Just a quick note to say that this software has been just great. I'm really happy with the purchase and have used it often. Great value! Thanks for making it available. Mr. Steve Adolph

Please continue your fine work on your Pic simulator. Your work already is - a most significant contribution to the field of programming suites for Pics. The quality of your work is so outstanding, you out-compete everybody else in this field. Please go on! Mr. Flemming Jensen

I would like to stress again that you have made some fantastic pieces of software, the PIC programming software being an invaluable tool for what I am doing. Mr. Peter Jenkins

I've been using this now for a few months and I am getting more and more impressed. I use Visual basic and FreeBasic quite a bit (I normally program in C) and find using your basic a hell of a lot less tedious than asm. I use Protues 'Prolite' as a cuircuit design tool and bang your generated hex file directly into a microprocessor model 16f877 and !!bingo!! all's well (no debug facility), but you've done all the hard work! It seems to be so easy to produce an 'end result' in a matter of hours!! Good job well done. Mr. Ian Rogers

Your package is of extraordinary value: The simulator boosts my learning curve, and all tools are helpful and easy to use. I will recommend it to all my friends. May a large number of installations prove that good software can be sold at reasonable prices. Thank you very much! Mr. Ronald Krawinkel

This has got to be the best development tool I have ever used. Gone are the days of banging my head against the wall with my Assembler. Mr. Colin Fraser

Your PIC SIM is absolutely GREAT! I'm a PIC absolute beginner and a week ago was describing to a friend a PIC simulator that I would like to have. Then I discovered YOUR simulator and it is EXACTLY what I had described to my friend. You are a GENIOUS! After a couple of hours of on the demo version I am SOLD, SOLD, SOLD! Thank you for all your hard work designing and coding this. Mr. Jim Alford

May I say, what a fantastic piece of software! I have used many pic simulation and development programs but let me tell you, THIS IS IT! Mr. Peter Jenkins

What a valuable tool PIC simulator is. Not only have I found it to be near on essential in development and tracking down bugs in my own code. It is also a very valuble educational tool in me 'just getting to grips' with PIC micros. Mr. David Lockwood

I tried the demo version and I think you did great work. Mr. Viktor Granson

I'm just started with pic's and I'm very happy with your tool. When I look at your mission, I love the moment that your tool will be soon available for the 18Fxxx series. It's realy one of the best tools I've ever found! Mr. Roel Hermus

First of all I would like to thank you for such a wonderful application software you have made which made me decide to buy a personal license. I never regret that I bought such a wonderful software unlike many others that I have tried and used. Mr. Harold Joaquin Tarun

Firstly congratulations on a stunning piece of software. I completed a project I had been working on for some 15 hours in assembler in only 45 mins using your software. As a newbie to the pic range but having had some experience with basic this was like a breath of fresh air. Mr. Mark Miles

The simulator is fantastic! I am using it to teach my daughter about microcontrollers and embedded software. We are having a great time and (I hope) she is learning a lot. Mr. Joseph McTee

You wrote a nice tool. I never worked with PIC controllers but in 20 minutes I wrote a small basic program myself. Mr. Roel Roelofsen

I have been massively impressed with your simulator and intend it to be a key component in the course. I would like to join the hundreds of voices that are thanking you for developing this software. It really is quite amazing - and you have been very considerate in the way that it is priced. I have already used it to develop hardware for navigating immersive three dimensional environments. It massively speeded up development. Mr. Spencer Roberts

After installing the new version I just started using your BASIC compiler and I am finding it very impressive. Congratulations on an excellent package... Mr. John McIntyre

Thank you very much for the quick response. Thank you also for developing such a fantastic software package with such a reasonable price so that people like me which just have fun in developing little projects with PICs can afford it. Mr. Juergen Kops

Thanks for such a wonderful program. I wasted about two weeks using other PIC development products. I just happened to run accross your product. I completed my hobby project in two days with your OshonSoft PIC IDE. Mr. Steve Wallace

I would like to thank you for the continued support of your PIC Simulator. It is not only a very useful development tool - it is also fun to use. Thanks for the continued upgrades. Mr. Andy Middleton

I am still investigating and exploring your software, but it seems to be very friendly and easy to use program. It is great for people using PIC as a hobby. Mr. Kenta Saito

Thank you for your quick response, and may I take this opportunity to congratulate you on one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. The functionality of the simulator and the associated tools, coupled with the powerful Basic compiler have saved my days, if not weeks of work already. It is a joy to use and as a relative novice to PIC programming now feel confident to make the most out of these powerful devices. Mr. Graham M Harby

I am absolute beginner on microcontrollers and was looking for a software. I tried PIC Simulator IDE this week, and found very useful and easy to learn. So I just placed online order for a license. The Basic Compiler Reference Manual was informative enough for me to successfully build my first project of generating variable pulse width using PIC16F819 and LCD. Thank you very much!! Mr. Takeshi Yanagidaira

I want to thank you for what the PIC SIMULATOR IDE has done for me. I have learned a lot using this tool. It has saved me time and money in my project. Mr. Aaron Arredondo

I just wanted to compliment you on the PIC Simulator IDE. I used the simulator and BASIC compiler on a recent project, and I think it saved me at least two weeks. Your Simulator with the I/O display really speeds up the debugging. Your BASIC, and especially the inline assembler, simplified the program development. I have been developing embedded systems since the 1970's, and your response when I had a problem (because I didn't read the PIC data sheet thoroughly) was much faster than I have ever experienced in the past. Mr. Ben Allgor

Many thanks for this excellent software - I have given it some serious use over the last couple of weeks and to be quite honest - it's brilliant! I set out with two goals - to learn about PIC micros from the beginning, and to see if I could find things your software did that was different to an actual PIC micro. I'm seriously struggling on the second goal - all my programming mistakes and errors have been easy to trace with your tools. What can I say - BRILLIANT!!! I have been using the Z80 IDE for about six months now, and that is excellent too, which is what inspired me to try the PIC IDE. Mr. Daren Amos

I admire your work, and I think that you are one of those smart people who thinks and creates for himself, and does better than those thinking with too many others. When I saw my first LED blinking the other day (just to test the chip itself), after thinking about programming PIC's for over a year... was a great thing. Thank you for making that so easy. Your efforts have a great worth out here! Mr. Robert Covington

Excellent piece of software, and in literally an afternoon I have gone from never having used PIC before, to having a completed and fully working project! Mr. Daren Amos

Thanks for the knowlegeable help, excellent product and great prices. I believe that when things like this are within reach of the average home expirimenter, that's where the real innovation and inspiration is born. Mr. Jay Davis

Thank you so much for your help and prompt reply. Your simulator software is the best! I use it nearly every day and I am hoping you continue to offer it and upgrade it. It has been such a pleasure to use software that really works! Mr. Jon Swinehart

Briliant product which does get better every release... Mr. Jason Snow

I can not tell you how much of a pleasure it has been to use your software. It is definitely one of the best PIC programming languages I have used. Also, your customer service has also been the best. I'll keep checking back to your site to see what other new offerings you may have in the future. Mr. Patrick Kilcran

I have used various PIC development tools and simulators at the College where I work and nothing touches your application for practicality, functionality and above all straightforward usability. I have been so impressed with it in the first 24 hours that I had no hesitation in buying it. Just wish I'd known about it 12 months ago. Mr. Pete Griffiths

I would like to thank You for the recent discovery I made about PIC simulator IDE. This is a leading piece of software! I have not had too much time to delve in it, but it is great, cheap and let feel behind it a great guy who wrote it! Mr. Jean Francois Duhamel

This is an amazing program. Every time I use it I'm impressed with its power and versatility! Mr. James Sturdivant

I thank you for your good service. I have already made some tests and your program is really well designed for the majority of the hobby people who are building working with the electronic projects. For me its the way to keep in touch with the modern electronic components and software. PIC simulator is really good the students who are willing to know how to make something working with their own hands. I hope all the best for you and I await new releases coming from your site! At any case I will be visiting to your web-site regularly. Best regards from Finland! Mr. Jouko Mäkinen

Hi, I am a licensed user of your PIC Simulator IDE. It took me less than 10 minutes to start simulating. Much better than MPLAB. I write the code in C2C and simulate/debug with pic simulator. You should stress that your product works with anything that produces a PIC .hex file, not just PICBASIC. Mr. Ethan Collins

I don't know how I would develop PIC software without your fantastic utility. Mr. Brian Gray

I have successfully installed the registration key and look forward to improving my skills using your excellent software. I wish you well with your future development. Mr. Derek Gibson

I have been playing with it since I got it and this is the best app around. It isn't just the price that impresses me; it is the quality in general. In comparison to the higher prices products, this one still beats them out by far. You should be very proud of your accomplishment. I wish you the best on your continuation of developing the product further. Mr. Ariel Rodriguez

My compliments for a great piece of software. Mr. Peter Nielsen

I haven't had much time to play with the software, only downloaded yesterday, but first impressions are very good, well worth the registration fee. Mr. Steve Blackmore

I am learning so much from your simulator: what a great tool! Thank you for your talent, and for being willing to share it with us. I will forward as much business as I can your way. Your product and your service speak for themselves. Mr. Michael Conboy

Thank you for creating a very useful and impressive program! Mr. James Milstid

I have purchased the entire line of your software and have found it invaluable to me with my projects. Mr. Greg Lilly

I have been programming since the late 1960s through all the OOPs languages that are around today. Your program has brought back some of the fun that I remember in the 'good old days' of assembly code and seeing the processor actually working! Thanks again for a great program. Mr. John Dunn

Congratulations! You have made an unbelievable amazing software. I am a student of electrical engineering. I will recommend it to all my classmates and assistants in my school. Thank you so much. Best regards... Mr. Erkut Oyus

Today I received your licence file properly and want to thank you again for quick reaction. I'm looking forward to the next class exercice with your superb simulator IDE! Mr. Hubert Gerspacher

I have only tried the PIC Simulator IDE for two days. But the impression is great. Just what I need! Mr. Gunnar Lilleheie

This is a very impressive piece of software and at an extremely generous price, thank you. Having tried for the past few weeks to get into another package and getting nowhere fast I came across yours while searching for an alternative. Last night I wrote the PIC software for a discharger hardware for use with my boys radio controlled cars including LCD display, then tested it in the simulator. So quick and easy and ideal for the occasional use I’ll put it to. Mr. Dave Buck

I have been using the un-registered version for only about 3 days. It did not take me long to make my mind up a obtain a licence. When I was first surfing the web on the look out for a basic compiler, I had come across several different PIC basic software packages. Gees, some of them are expensive. I could not believe that your package was so cheap especially considering it covers so many different chips. Well done and congratulations on a first class product. Mr. Colin Turner

The package of simulator and all the other functions and features is really a nice collection of tools for the PIC experimenter. Thanks for all you efforts and good luck. Mr. Terry Hackworth

Your software is nothing short of amazing. I have seen packages at many times the price that cannot come close to the quality of yours. Great job! Mr. Dave Butts

I would also like to say that I am truly impressed with your program. It is an amazing program at a great price. Mr. James Sturdivant

I have to admit this is a great product for the beginners to get started with while the intermediate and the more advanced users will still find the access to wealth of features and simplicity a refreshing change. I want you to know the more I am using your software the more I am beginning to appreciate it. You have done a great job! I sure would recommend this to anyone interested in PICs. Mr. Sufi Hossain

By the way, since I purchased your PIC IDE I have really begun to get involved with PICs! Thank you for a very GOOD program! I have also spread the word that you have one of the BEST IDEs I have seen for PIC development. I hope this increases your sales! You have the best and easiest IDEs for PIC development I have seen yet! AND it is a BARGAIN to boot! Keep up the good work and again Thank You! Mr. James Shook

I had only used the evaluation version for a few minutes before I decided to buy the license. The Microcontroller View tool was priceless for me. I've only been learning about microcontrollers for a few weeks now, and being able to see and set the pin values was very helpful to me in understanding how the chip works. Thanks again for a great product. Mr. Evan Pederson

You really are a Genius, considering the team of engineers at Microchip could not come up with anything even come close to your creation. Mr. Eric Strauss

To confirm that my license is correctly installed and, as many before me, to say 'wow' and thanks. Mr. Ralph Johnston

The new version of software looks excellent, lots of very useful new stuff, a real bargain for the money. I found the MPLAB IDE way too cumbersome, actually never got it to work correctly. Your software was a breeze the first time. Mr. Michal Smialowski

I have just bought a licence for PIC Simulator IDE. The compiler alone would be a give-away at $19, but with the rest of the facilities... amazing! I previously bought ME Labs PIC Basic which cost me $144 in the UK and it doesn't even come close. Long may you prosper. Mr. Roger Harrold

What a fantastic piece of software. It makes PIC programming an absolute pleasure. The ability to work through the itterative process of programming and debugging without constructing the circuit first is amazing. I can now develop my projects where ever I have my laptop! Mr. Matthew Child

Everything works fine. Thank you for offering us this wonderfull piece of software. Just what I was looking for. Mr. Eric Evers

I just received your notice of software upgrade. You must be busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs... I guess I am confused as to how you find ways to improve upon perfection! Thanks for your tireless efforts! I think you are gaining more friends than customers! Mr. Roger F. Jordan Sr. (W4RFJ)

First I just want to compliment you on a great product. I'm using the PIC chip for hobby purposes and had been searching for a compiler/IDE/debugger for several weeks. I couldn't find anything I was satisfied with for less the several hundred dollars. Your product was exactly what I had been looking for. Mr. David Harmon

The license and application work flawlessly. Thanks for the fast response. I am currently a software design engineer for Hewlett-Packard and I was so impressed by your clean, easy to use development environment I decided to register the application even though I have a full development environment in C already. I have wanted to find an affordable compiler for PIC's so I could teach my son how to use microcontrollers without the complexity of learninig C and all the baggage of low level programming (pointers!). I was really stunned to see such a high quality offering at such a low price. The concept of free ugrading is also very unique and a great selling point as Microchip seems to be on a mission to release better chips at lower prices and so I will always be wanting new devices to be supported. You have an unusual talent, I will keep checking your site for your latest offerings. Mr. Jamie Moore

Your program is fantastic. Takes a bit of time to get to know it. But it beats the hell out of some 'PROFESSIONAL Stuff'. Congratulations for a job well done! Mr. George Brennet

I am having a lot of fun with this software. It is fast, clear, and easy to use. Mr. Marv Donaldson

I'm only just starting out with pics and was looking for some sort of windows based simulator that was easy to use and had a basic compiler - your software is exactly what I was looking for, it's excellent! Mr. Simon Atkinson

I think it is a wonderful program which I am sure will help me to 'master' the intricacies of PIC programming. Mr. Charles Maxwell

Took me a while to get down to reviewing your program along with a number of others. Yours won with me, hands down. I congratulate you on a superb piece of software that definitely outshines programming software costing (not worth) much much more. Mr. Stuart Blaber

Your product works excellent - it is a pleasure to work with! I am interested in programming PIC's as a hobby, and this is absolutely the best tool that I have found (after spending many hours searching the web). I congratulate you on the superb job you did in developing this product! Mr. Chuck Meyer

I received the personal licenses for Pic, Z80 and 8085 and they are running perfectly. I am learning more and more and I am very pleased for the easy way to understand these very usefull tools. Again, thank you. Mr. Macario Rosas

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