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20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary of the
(2001 - 2021)

OshonSoft 10th Anniversary Comments Page

Announcing 10th Anniversary of the existence of the OSHONSOFT PROJECT
(May 2001 - May 2011).

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and much good luck for your continued success. I have enjoyed the PIC product but I wish I had more time to work with it. I think you are doing good work and I hope you continue to provide these great tools. Mr. Ron Ricci

Congratulations on ten years of successful Simulator work! You have achieved a fine level of accomplishment, for which anybody would be proud. I loved seeing your original pages. Z80 Temple, indeed! The Z80 was the Future Chip that would propel us into the new age of microprocessors and computers! Little did we know that it would be followed by others, each greater than the last. Mr. Michael Fratus

Keep up the good work for a good product. Mr. Max Osmond

Thanks again for the best simulator that little money can buy. I have had only great things to say. Thanks again for a best in class product and keep them coming. Mr. Patrick van Biljon

Congratulations Mr. Soso! It is always with great pleasure to learn that even small software producers are able to survive in this fierce world. And this proves also that good performing software is still needed, even when some CPU chips seem to belong to the past. The Z80 Simulator has been very helpful to me in trying to understand what some complex instruments really do or not... Even rare instruments as the Metrawatt Digitalscope SE571, the Dolch Logic Instruments analyzers (40C50, 3250) use the Z80 chip. And the Z80 Simulator really helped me to find out about their GPIB interface. With flemish greetings! Mr. Gilbert Hoste

It was interesting to see your early web pages. Congratulations on 10th Anniversary! Mr. Rob Judd

Congrats, Vladimir! You have been doing a good job all these years. My best wishes for the next ten! :) Mr. Jesús Consuegra

Thanks for the past 10 years - great piece of Software for the PIC. Mr. Malcolm Huddart

Congratulations on hitting the ten year mark. I took advantage of your special offer and grabbed the whole lot. Excellent work, keep it up. Mr. Kevin Stevens

Congratulations on this aniversary. A milestone in your achievements. Best of luck. Mr. George Brennet

Congratulations!!! (and many more years of success :) I haven't been using your tools a lot lately since I've been very involved in a hardware design using the PIC32 part, but it's nice to know they are there when I need them. Thanks again for a great set of tools at a great price! Mr. Eric Montgomery

Congratulations! Your software is simply amazing and I hope you continue to prosper... Mr. Andy Dochterman

Thanks, Vladimir, congratulations on 10 years of this great idea... Mr. Wagner Jimenez

Congratulations on the successful completion of 10 long years of oshonsoft.com. It is because of your philanthropic approach to provide such good products at very reasonable rates. Mr. Jayesh Gandhi

Congratulations on 10 years of hard work to produce and maintain the Oshonsoft products. I am a part time hobbyist and wanted to learn more about microprocessors when I tried your product 6 years ago. I found it an excellent tool and will continue to use it into the future. Keep up the good work! Mr. O. W. Gilmore

Congratulations! You have done a productive work for the world. Go ahead, and GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER. Thousands of thanks, your friend... Mr. Alcides Mendoza

Congratulations on 10 years of Oshonsoft - your programs are excellent and I wish you further success. Mr. Andy Howe

Thank you Vladimir, it's good that we can look back to times when we used to run across the field to the landing site of our planes, whereas now we walk... Mr. Paul Williams

Happy birthday for your programs! Mr. Philippe Couvreur

Excellent work on your 10th anniversary. Loved seeing the early website! Mr. Chris Holden

Congratulations! Nicely done, Vladimir. Mr. Christoph Klein

Congratulations for 10 years of brilliant project, I love it. Mr. Richard Harmer

Congratulations with 10 years of results. You can be really proud of the products, and also the way in which you present them on your website. Mr. Buks Havenga

Vladimir, keep up the good work! I have not been able to utilize the software as much as I would like as time is not permitting. I have updated my licenses as a positive gesture to you and and a sharp stick for me to get moving! Once again, excellent work, 73 de Gil. Mr. Gil Rand

Congratulations to your successful anniversary - ten years are a long time and I wish you all the best for the next following 100 years ;-). Thanks again for providing such great offers, they are incredible - like all of your products... Mr. Roland Schatz

Just a word of congratulations for your 10th anniversary. Hoping long life to your products, ideas, and best things for the next 10 years. Mr. Jean-Michel Brunaud

Congratulation on your 10th anniversary. You have great products. Mr. Ion Gheorghe

I want to congratulate you, PIC simulator IDE is really wonderful software. It is intuitive, stable, rich of functionality, simulator and tools are very accurate. Thank you for your great work! Mr. Andrzej Sycz

I wish you all the best for the 10 year jubilee. Mr. Florian Agstner

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone in running OshonSoft. Mr. Mark Phythian

Congratulations on being in business for 10 years. I hope there are many more in the future. Mr. Bill Harris

There are many more other comments received from my users during these ten years... I keep trying to log them all on the Comments Page.