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20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary of the
(2001 - 2021)

Function Grapher


Function Grapher is an intuitive and easy to use application for generating and displaying 2D graphs of mathematical functions in the user-friendly graphical environment for Windows.

You are welcome to download the fully functional evaluation copy of the software on the downloads page. Function Grapher requires a license to operate after the evaluation period. For more information please visit the licenses page.


Function Grapher main features:
- Capable of accepting both simple and arbitrarily complex function expressions built up by using 6 math operations (+ (addition), - (subtraction), * (multiplication), / (division), % (modulus), ^ (exponentiation)) and all standard math functions: sqrt, abs, exp, ln, log, trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, cot, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccot) and hyperbolic functions (sinh, cosh, tanh, coth, arsinh, arcosh, artanh, arcoth),
- Visual editor for the function expressions,
- Support for drawing of the unlimited number of function graphs on the same display (with different colors) for easy comparison,
- Support for using of up to 5 parameters in the function expressions,
- Detection and visualization of 'out of range' (singular) points,
- 10-level history of used function expressions,
- Zoom In/Out commands for both X and Y axes,
- Resizable graph area,
- Graph export to Windows Clipboard for further manipulation,
- Winamp inspired color themes for outstanding application visual appearance, ...

Function Grapher screenshot:

Another screenshot (with color theme):