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20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary of the
(2001 - 2021)

(with 6502 basic compiler)


(New software 10/2022!!!)

6502 Simulator IDE is a powerful application designed to provide 6502 microprocessor users and educators, Commodore 64 (C64) fans and retrocomputing enthusiasts with a software to fall in love with - user-friendly graphical development environment for Windows with integrated simulator (emulator), 6502 basic compiler, assembler, disassembler and debugger for the MOS Technology 6502 8-bit microprocessor (wiki), with a special mode to support WDC 65C02 (W65C02S) (wiki) that is currently in production. Special tools for the simulation of various basic interpreters are also available, including the very special tool - Commodore 64 ROM I/O Terminal designed to bring the famous welcome message '**** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****, 64K RAM SYSTEM, 38911 BASIC BYTES FREE, READY.' to life, all that clearly simulating instruction by instruction the code of the C64 ROM.

You are welcome to download the fully functional evaluation copy of the software on the downloads page. 6502 Simulator IDE requires a license to operate after the evaluation period. For more information please visit the licenses page.

Please pay attention to the Getting Started presentation to be able to easily reproduce these screenshots on your computer.


6502 Simulator IDE main features:
- Simulation interface showing internal processor architecture with interrupts interface,
- Support for the unofficial instructions,
- Variable simulation rate, simulation statistics and simulation logging with log viewer,
- Fast debugger - breakpoints manager for code debugging with breakpoints support,
- Three memory editors for external 64K memory, to simultaneously view/edit three different memory ranges during the simulation, read/write access tracking feature,
- Video memory screen with edit feature,
- Commodore 64 Rom I/O Terminal for simulation of the C64 ROM with the support for PRG files, C64 video memory screen feature,
- Input/Output Terminal designed to make it easy to communicate with various 6502 firmwares supporting serial input/output during the simulation of the code execution, tested for simulation of various basic interpreters, like the Enhanced BASIC (EhBASIC) by Mr. Lee Davison (homepage), and Microsoft OSI BASIC prepared by Mr. Grant Searle (homepage),
- 6502 Basic compiler with smart Basic source editor (support for Boolean, Short, UShort, Integer, UInteger, Long, ULong and Single data types, with floating point math operations, featuring also special set of Commodore 64 related statements that can be used to generate working C64 PRG files),
- Floating point numbers conversion tool,
- Powerful 6502 assembler supporting bookmarks and breakpoints with code execution tracking feature, 6502 disassembler,
- Interface for TASM 6502 assembler,
- Support for external simulation modules,
- Extensive program options, color themes, ...

6502 Simulator IDE screenshot:

Another screenshot (with color theme):

Yet another screenshot (with color theme):

The screenshot of the C64 ROM simulation: