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PIC Bootloader

Using bootloader is the most convenient way for PIC programming, especially when you are debugging your program and need to transfer it to the target PIC chip many times in short time. The hardware request is that there is a serial communication interface implemented between the target PIC board and the PC. The bootloader solution presented here is intended to be used with 16F877(A) microcontroller. As all other bootloaders, this solution consists of a Windows application running on the PC and bootloader firmware running on the target PIC chip.

Windows application for downloading HEX files to the target PIC chip running the bootloader can be downloaded here.

The bootloader firmware is given in the form of Basic source program that has to be compiled with PIC Simulator IDE integrated Basic compiler to get the HEX file ready to be programmed into the microcontroller. The correct microcontroller model needs to be selected - 16F877(A), and the selected clock frequency is supposed to be at least 8MHz.

PIC bootloader firmware: