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Licenses Page

    There are four types of licenses available:

  • Personal license
    for individuals grants right to one single user to use the program on one home personal computer for non-commercial purposes. Multiple licenses are required for multiple computers with program installations.
  • Commercial/educational license
    for business companies, educational institutions and individuals using the software for commercial purposes grants right to the owner to use the program on one single computer. Multiple licenses are required for multiple computers with program installations.
  • Site license
    grants right to the institution to use the program on all computers located on one institution site (one room with the institution computers).
  • Institution license
    grants right to the institution to use the program on all computers on all the sites that belong to the institution (all the institution computers in all the institution rooms). The institution license type covers software installations on student/institution personnel laptop/personal computers, also.

Please select the license type of your interest to filter the price list:

The license validity period is unlimited. Once purchased license will be valid for all future versions of the corresponding application. However, some special features that will be developed in the future might be offered as optional add-on modules, available to be purchased separately, if needed...

OshonSoft software licenses are by NO means locked to the hardware or the operating system used at the date of purchase. So, you will be able to continue to use the software when you change your hardware or upgrade your operating system, or reinstall your system after a system crash.

You can make the online credit card or PayPal payment by clicking on one of the Buy Now buttons. If you find it more convenient for you, please request additional information how to make the payment by Western Union money transfer or bank transfer by filling in the following payment instructions request form.

Here is the price list for the licenses:
(all prices in euros; a little bit higher in US dollars)
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Refund Policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.


All microcontroller IDE software site licenses €499

PIC Simulator IDE site license €239

PIC16 Simulator IDE site license €239

PIC18 Simulator IDE site license €239

AVR Simulator IDE site license €239

PIC10 Simulator IDE site license €239

Z80 Simulator IDE site license €239

8085 Simulator IDE site license €239

Function Grapher site license €199

Digital Oscilloscope site license €199

Serial Port Monitor site license €199