License Owner Information Form

Before the transfer to the secure server to complete the online credit card or PayPal payment for the license(s), please fill in this short form with the license owner information that will be used in the process of license(s) generation (license owner information can be different from the payment billing information).

License type: Function Grapher institution license

Institution license grants right to the institution to use the program on all computers on all the sites that belong to the institution (all the institution computers in all the institution rooms). The institution license type covers software installations on student/institution personnel laptop/personal computers, also.

First name: (***)

Last (family) name: (***)

E-mail address: (***)

Alternative e-mail address:

(Please provide the alternative e-mail address to avoid any possible problems with licenses delivery. At least one e-mail address should be provided where a .ZIP attachment will be received safely. It is not helpful to quote the same e-mail address twice, or to quote two e-mail addresses hosted by the same mail server.)
Full name of the institution: (***)



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Right after you have clicked on the Submit Data button on this page, an automatic ' License Owner Information' confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

After you have completed the online payment for the license(s), you should receive a separate e-mail from confirming a successful purchase.

Please note that the license(s) are not automatically generated. After your order has been received, the license(s) will be sent to you manually by e-mail as soon as possible.