Compiler Extensions add-on modules

Please find here the basic information about the Compiler Extensions add-on modules for the integrated basic compilers of PIC18 Simulator IDE, PIC16 Simulator IDE, PIC Simulator IDE and AVR Simulator IDE.

● Compiler Extensions add-on module
Available for:
- PIC18 Simulator IDE
- PIC16 Simulator IDE
- PIC Simulator IDE
- AVR Simulator IDE
OshonSoft Simulator IDEs are original OshonSoft software packages, some of them have been now continually developed for more than 15 years.
OshonSoft Basic Compilers are newer software packages. They come with the reorganized application components, bringing the Basic Compiler component in the application focus. All of them are fully based on the appropriate Simulator IDE software.
Current OshonSoft software development policy is that in the future, most of the work on the basic compiler improvements will be implemented exclusively in the OshonSoft Basic Compiler software packages presented on the OshonSoft sister site:
The licensing policy for OshonSoftBasicCompilers software is that once purchased license will be valid for all the software updates released during the period of one year after the purchase. That means in order to use the updates released after one year, the license should be renewed.
Some of the basic compiler features developed for OshonSoftBasicCompilers software packages will be developed back in the IDE software, also.
Compiler Extensions add-on module is designed to enable all future features for the integrated basic compilers of the IDE applications, that will be chosen to be developed back from the OshonSoftBasicCompilers software.
This development policy and licensing model has been established purely to keep the OshonSoft software project alive and growing under current market circumstances, relying on the continued support from the users of the software through yearly updates subscriptions and add-on modules purchases.
Current features of the Compiler Extensions add-on:

- Using capital letters in all the user-defined program element names, that is in all the variable names, names of the procedures, functions, subroutines, constants, symbols and labels is a feature that is enabled by this optional add-on module for the basic compiler.
- Using by reference passing mechanisms in the procedure declarations is another feature that is enabled by the Compiler Extensions module.
More info on these new features can be found in the Basic Compiler reference manuals.
- Using complex expressions including function calls as direct arguments when calling procedures and functions in the code.
- Using complex expressions in all statements where comma-separated list of arguments is accepted, like Lcdout, Serout, I2CWrite, GLcdwrite, etc., including statements from the libraries like UART_Write.
- Implementation of the library support infrastructure for the future basic language extensions is probably the most significant part of the Compiler Extensions add-on.

Libraries currently included in the Compiler Extensions:

- ADC Module library
- EEPROM library
- UART library