Important note for the Arduino boards users

OshonSoft AVR Simulator IDE supports most of the microcontroller models used on the Arduino boards, like ATmega328P for the Arduino Uno board. So, OshonSoft AVR Basic Compiler could be successfully used with Arduino systems.
The downside is that those microcontrollers are still in the group of so called 'limited support' models.
You can read about that here: AVR Simulator IDE Limited Support Info
So, some features are not yet implemented in OshonSoft software for these microcontrollers...
Providing the full support for the Arduino boards microcontrollers is on the top of OshonSoft future development plans.
Here is one comment received from Mr. Rubens Luciano:
I want to mention that it's possible and easy to upload hex files produced with the AVR Simulator IDE basic compiler to Arduino systems using the original Arduino bootloader and a free program like 'Xloader' (there are others, too).